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There are many kinds of pests that you might be finding as a problem in your space, and each comes with its own havoc that it creates. Rodents such as rats will chew through your physical property and even bring diseases. A pigeon infestation can also be dangerous for your health along with being uncleanly. Fleas will destroy your mental health. Poisonous insects may want to make themselves at home right on your patio. The list of potential pest problems is long and may occur at a residence or commercial building. If you experience one, you will want pest control services sooner rather than later.  So, what happens when you call American Pest Control?  Read our blog article on How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control.

Inspection of the Property

We will ask you a few questions to begin to understand what you believe the problem to be such as “what kind of pests do you have?” and “where have you seen them?”.  Our technicians will then come to the property to offer a free consultation.  You can then show us the issue at hand, and we will determine the extent of the infestation by examining the interior and exterior of the building.  We will be looking for signs of nests, droppings and causes of the problem.

Discussion of Our Findings and Forming a Plan

American Pest Control will let you know the extent of your infestation and show you the probable causes, if identified. At this time, we will give you the best option to eradicate the pests and let you know the timeline and costs.  The solution may involve pesticides, baiting, setting traps, or removal of nests and may require several treatments.  This is the best time to ask questions or voice any concerns that you may have.

The Treatment Process

Our technicians will explain exactly what will be done and inform you if you and your pets need to leave the premises during the treatment.  Read our blog post article about “Is Pest Control Safe for My Pets?”. Implementation of the plan will vary depending on the particular pests involved.  Pesticides will be properly and safely sprayed on the interior and exterior of the building.  Baits and traps will be placed strategically around the property. The process will take less than an hour.

After Treatment

Once our pest control technician is finished with the treatment, her or she will again discuss what was done and if they found anything further.  You will also be advised about when it is safe to return into the space. At this time, you will be given more instructions on steps that need to be taken to promote the control process and prevent recurring infestation.  Read our blog post on “Cleaning Tips to Avoid Pests in Your House”.  Keep an eye on your area and communicate the results with American Pest Control at your follow up visit.

At American Pest Control, we want to make sure you know the process and you are comfortable with it.  We believe in being transparent and good communication.  Contact us today at 702.382.6366 to get professional pest control.