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Cockroach Exterminators in Las Vegas


Say Good-bye to Cockroaches!

Cockroaches have been on this planet for a whopping 400 million years. They can survice without a head for a day, they can survive on book glue and they can survive in lethal radiation zones. They are also maybe the most complained about of household pests globally. While cockroach infestations are a nasty nuisance, they can also carry several very nasty disease pathogens that are linked to food-poisoning, staph, E-Coli and a few others. American Pest Control specializes in two types of Cockroach services

Cockroach Exterminator Las Vegas

Domestic Cockroach Exterminators

Some species of cockroaches are known as domestic cockroaches, meaning they infest inside human living spaces. These are very difficult pest infestations to eliminate due to the cockroaches small size and there nature to hide in spaces inaccessible to humans. American Pest Control is particularly skilled in domestic cockroach exterminations. Our domestic cockroach control service is comprehensive while at the same time very time efficient. Other companies can take 6 months or more to eliminate cockroach infestations. Our track record is a month and a half to two months. We start our service with an inspection and an estimate where we disclose any fine print about our service, and determine the approximate cost of the extermination process. We follow up with a thorough treatment and complete the service with multiple two week follow-ups to check on our progress until all parties involved are happy with the results. Our trained staff will explain the process to you in any level of detail you require and we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the results of our domestic cockroach exterminator services. If you suspect you have a cockroach problem, call American Pest Control today for a pest inspection, only $50.00!

Semi-Domestic Cockroach Exterminators

Other species of cockroaches are what’s known as semi-domestic, meaning they essentially are occasional invaders of your home. They will enter residential and commercial buildings but they live and feed outdoors unlike domestic cockroaches. Semi-domestic cockroaches are much easier to control than domestic cockroaches because of this difference in habitat, which is why they are included in our general pest control service. A simple liquid product treatment inside and out with the occasional full yard treatment will do the trick and our general pest control service comes with a free-of-charge visit in between your service, just in case you need it. American Pest Control has your back and your front covered.