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Las Vegas and its surrounding cities and neighborhoods is home to an array of different pest insects, birds and rodents that are common in most urban and suburban environments across the country. We have a few pests that don’t occur in certain parts of the country and certain parts of the country have pests that we don’t have but for the most part, we have the same kind of pests that California has or Michigan has or Florida has. For some of the pests we have here in the Las Vegas valley, control can be complicated and require more work and materials than others. These pests can’t be treated with a simple monthly visit on a regular schedule like many people are familiar with. Fortunately, the pests that people living in this city experience most are completely covered under American Pest Control’s services!

Ant Pest Control


Ants of all kind are covered under our general pest control service agreement. A simple interior and exterior treatment and a little patience will take care of them.
Spider Pest Control


Spiders are also covered under our General Pest Control Service. Spiders are occasional invaders that are not at home in a our office. Exterior and interior treatments can reduce spider entrances and occasional spot treatments can be provided as well.

Occasional and Seasonal Invaders

Occasionally certain insect pests populations will rise and fall. This wax and wane almost always happen based on the seasonal shifts throughout the year. Sometimes there are seasonal shifts that happen once every five or ten years. A lot of people think that insects want to get in your house or they have an intent to come inside. The truth is that occasional invaders and seasonal invaders are at a loss when they get in your home. They have no food or water or no real natural resources that they need to survive in your home. They look at your home as an obstacle to get over or overcome, not a home. American Pest Control covers your usual seasonal and occasional invaders like crickets, earwigs, silverfish, non domestic beetles and bugs, centipedes and many other small insects.

Cricket Pest Control Las Vegas
Earwig Pest Control Las Vegas
Silverfish Pest Control Las Vegas
Centipede Pest Control Las Vegas