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Rodent Control in Las Vegas


No more rats or mice!

At American Pest Control, pest control and environmental protection are one in the same. We are environmental health service providers, and there are few environmental health concerns bigger than rodents. Urban and rural and in almost any climate or geography, rodents cause billions of dollars in structural, health, agricultural, legal, and environmental damages. Here in the Las Vegas valley we have only a few species of rodents to deal with At American Pest Control, we have the right control method for you and your family.

Rodent Control Las Vegas

Exclusion Rodent Control

A rodent problem begins and ends with an entry point. American Pest Control’s technicians are trained to identify rodent activity, signs of rodents and rodent entry points. This is a great service for those who don’t want to cause any physical harm to animals and it;s also a service to ensure that your home or business is sealed up tight. Is a tree acting as an escalator for the rats? We offer limited tree trimming services. Are rodents getting into your crawlspace or garage? We can seal up your crawlspace or your garage. There are some things we can’t do however, like stucco wall patches or roof replacements, but we can get rid of the rats and mice once the proper contractor has been called for those major structural improvements have been taken care of. Call American Pest Control for an inspection of your property and we’ll get an estimate for exclusion services out to you within 48 hours.

Non-Lethal Rodent Control

Not everybody wants to kill rodents. At American Pest Control, we respect your concerns for non-lethal control measures. Fortunately for you, there are many different kinds of live traps for our technicians to use. we can catch your rodents and release them far away from you and your family. This is not a quick-and-done kind of service. Catching rodents live requires animal taming and it requires the conditioning of rodents to humans. Trust American Pest Control and we will capture all of your rodents and remove them from your presence. Afterwards, make sure to ask us about our exclusion services to stop another group of unwelcome visitors from staying in your home.

Lethal Rodent Control

Some rodent problems can only be solved through lethal control measures. It can be very expensive to employ exclusion or non lethal control measures to eliminate a rodent problem. Killing anything is a messy business, but lethal rodent control measures are the most cost effective method of control in the short term. Our lethal rodent control services employ lethal traps to start and are serviced weekly. However, some rodents are smart and will avoid traps. Training rodents with a lethal bait is an alternative. Lethal baits are contained in tamper-proof boxes and labeled as hazards. Lethal rodent baits are also heavily researched and antidotes are widely available. We limit the amount of bait so as to provide enough to be effective on rodents, but no where near enough to cause sickness in other animals or humans. Lethal rodent control is a monthly service and is guaranteed to seriously reduce the rodent presence on your property. At American Pest Control, we are licensed, insured and bonded and we are always looking out for you, your family and the environment.