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 Where Do Ants Go During the Winter?

Ants do not like the cold weather and will move their colony to a warmer location to hibernate, usually deeper underground.  They will close off their ant holes and huddle up together while protecting their queen. They spend lots of time eating during the fall to prepare for the hibernation months when they become sluggish and use little energy. During fall, the source of food is not typically meat, seeds or protein. These foods are rather eaten in the spring to prepare for reproduction. To prepare for winter, the source of food is sugars like bread, spilt soft drinks or any type of carbohydrate to sustain them and give them more energy throughout the winter. Ants can survive for quite a while without food and they do not usually come out from underground while hibernating.

But I Still See Ants…

Still, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find ants in their home during the winter. Should you find ants during this time of year, you might actually have a bigger problem than you think.  It may be a sign that ants have made a satellite colony within your house near the kitchen or bathroom. The colony may remain active inside the warm walls of your dwelling while scavenging for sources of food.

Is It Really a Big Deal?

If ants are colonizing inside of your house, they can do some serious damage.  Often, you will see damage to your drywall or wood and you certainly do not want an invasion of your pantry spoiling your food.  You will want to get professional help to get the colony out of your home as quickly as possible. American Pest Control is trained to locate and eradicate ant colonies and we want to help you. Call us today to hear more about our pest control plans and services.

Can I Prevent Wintertime Ants?

Keeping good sanitary habits during the wintertime is just as important as always. Keep your kitchen clean and your floors free from food scraps. Make sure the sides of your stove don’t have built up grease and grime. Bathrooms should be regularly sanitized.  We have more details on keeping a clean home in our blog post. Above and beyond all of that, maintain your pest control service though the winter.  Ants are not gone, they are just not out in the open.

Sanitation can help prevent ants, but winter ant problems can be a whole different ball game. A professional exterminator or pest control professional can not only identify sources of problems, but can eliminate indoor satellite ant colonies. While we are looking at this situation, often times we will discover gaps in doors or walls that can be sealed up for energy savings. 

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