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A scorpion is probably the last thing you want to find in your backyard. They just look scary with that curled up stinger just waiting to pierce something.  They have 8 legs like a spider and pinchers like a lobster. In Las Vegas, you can find three species of scorpion. They are bark scorpions, emperor scorpions, and desert hairy scorpions.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that where you spot one scorpion, there are likely 20 more nearby.  Also, scorpions can give birth to up to 100 babies several times per year.

Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with these undesirable critters in your space. Just ask us, we can come out and treat your property. However, scorpions are nocturnal and one of the best ways to banish scorpions is to hunt them at night!

Scorpions become active at night when the low temperatures are around 70 to 75 degrees.  They begin to crawl around in the dark looking for insects to feast upon. At American Pest Control, we call this Scorpion Hunting Season!

The scorpions become easier to find and control with the help of a little tool.  We use ultraviolet lights to look around the area and when a scorpion is hit with the light, it glows! 

Scorpions glow under black light because of the hyaline layer, a thin protective coating in scorpions’ exoskeletons. This layer illuminates a bluish-green color when exposed to ultraviolet light. We start looking around your backyard with a UV light and little neon green shapes begin appearing.

Sometimes, the scorpions scurry away when found, or tuck into a hole.  Often times, they prepare for battle by raising their pinchers and curling up their tail.  We put them in a container and it is fascinating to see how actively aggressive they are towards each other.

It may be a fun adventure for your family to go out into your backyard at night and hunt for scorpions. If you’d rather not, leave that job up to American Pest Control. We love hunting them and we offer scorpion hunting at night as a regular service.

Contact American Pest Control at 702.382.6366 to discuss your scorpion issues and find out which of our many services may be the best fit for you!

American Pest Control offers effective scorpion control in the Las Vegas area. Our experienced pest control technicians know how to find these pests and root them out completely. Our technicians can also seal off your home so that you don’t have to worry about future infestations. We have a variety of pest control solutions to keep your home safe from many of the pests commonly found in Las Vegas, such as ants, termites, roaches, rats, and more. Call us today to make an appointment with a pest control technician to learn more about your options.