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Our pets are an extension of our family, and their safety is so important to any pet owner. It’s only natural to be concerned about a pest control treatment and the risks it might pose to the beloved furry member of your family.  Rest assured, at American Pest Control, we also deeply care about you and your family, and it is possible to combat your pests safely.  We use approved pesticides and follow their specific guidelines.

Pest Control has Changed Over the Years

Historically, pesticides were highly toxic, but the advancement of the fields of toxicology and modern chemistry has resulted in far safer ones. The use of pesticides has also become highly regulated and tested by the USDA and EPA in recent years, adding to their safety. Currently, most pesticides are safer than insecticides used in agriculture.  Even “organic” farms use pesticides to produce food.

No Pesticide is 100% Safe

The treatment is designed to be toxic to bugs, but bugs are tiny!  Bugs only need a small exposure for it to be harmful to them.  The same exposure to a small furry friend does not produce the same results.

Our Expert Pest Control Technicians Minimize Risk

A well-trained and licensed company, such as American Pest Control, will be up-to-date on the latest pesticide regulations and precautions. We also know exactly how much to use and in what cases it makes sense.  This is why it’s best to call a professional pest control company that knows how to safely handle, store and dispose of the pesticides. Any chemical will be harmful if it is not correctly handled.

An expert will also communicate the type of treatment being used along with any concerns that you should have.  We will always ask if you have pets and then make sure they are safe during the treatment.

Prioritize Pest Prevention

There are many ways to minimize pests in your home.  If done properly, no pesticides are needed at all!  Please check out some of our information on how to avoid pests in your house. A good pest control company will also look for signs of the infestation, determine extent and address contributing factors.  This is a sign that they are a pet-friendly company.  They won’t just come a blindly spray your living space!

The Pest May be More Harmful to Your Pet than the Product

Here’s another factor to consider, leaving a pest problem untreated can also place your pet at risk. Certain bugs can cause pets to get sick or even spread disease to them.

How to Keep Your Pets Extra Safe During Pest Control

Pest control is absolutely safe for your pets, but for the safety of our technician and for some added peace of mind, we ask that you have your pets in a secured place during the visit.  If you have a carrier, that is the best place for them.   You can also put them in a room that will not be treated.  Keep their toys, beds, food and dishes stored away from treatment areas.

Allow the pet to return to the house after the spray has completely dried or listen to the advised time-frame provided by the technicican.

Birds and reptiles are sensitive to pesticides, so be sure to cover their cages.

At American Pest Control, we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your pest problem, so please ask us any question or concern you may have.  We are here to help!  Contact us today!